Made from wholly organic sugar beet.

DHA reacts with the proteins of the dead skin cells, colouring them.
As the colouring only occurs in the upper layer of the skin, the effect is temporary, lasting 5 – 7 days.

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) reacts with amino acids in skin (the Maillard Reaction). The resulting chemicals from this reaction (called melanoids) are varying shades of brown and yellow. This colouration is very similar to that of melanocytes during sun (UV) exposure. The task of the self tan formulator is to best balance DHA in the formulation to achieve the most ‘natural’ tan effect and avoid the ‘orange’ look.

The two most important amino acids for this effect are Glycine and Histidine. Lysine also plays an important part and is a factor in the varying depth of colour experienced across different applications. As Lysine is an Essential Amino Acid (i.e. it is not synthesised by humans / animals and must be obtained via diet), it can be easily affected by environmental factors such 12th Fan Womens Jersey as diet, stress, illness, medication and so on. For example, Lysine is lessened by alcohol consumption, so if you apply tan soon after partying, your tan may 12th Fan Youth Jersey not take as well. So too if 12th Fan Authentic Jersey you are tired, stressed, ill, on medication, during menses, or simply not eating enough Lysine rich foods such as nuts, meat, fish, spinach, yoghurt and cheese.

The fade of your tan is affected by the other ingredients in a self tan product,
their balanced effect upon the melanoid inducing amino acids, and the
moisturising properties of the overall formulation.